Beyond the legal setting, we perform different functions: drafting of contracts for companies and individuals, dealing with inheritance proceedings, cases pertaining to the Law on Foreigners (processing of work permits, residence permits, family reunifications and settlement); mediation in family disputes, normally with the aim of reaching a settlement agreement by mutual consent; and the constitution of companies and commercial guidance.


We deal with all manner of judicial proceedings in the different jurisdiction: Civil Law, Social Law, Criminal Law, Adversarial-Administrative Law and Mercantile Law.

Initiating legal proceedings often serves to break the deadlock in a dispute, making it possible to reach a settlement during the proceedings. In other cases, it is the only way of defending your own rights and interests. And it may be the case that you have to defend yourself against lawsuit and intervene in proceedings against you.

Worthy of special note among the matters dealt with in the legal proceedings we conduct are:

Compensation, damages, traffic accidents, medical negligence, discrimination, etc.

Claims for breach of contract, non-payment of invoices or cheques, recovery of debts from the administrators of debtor companies, etc.

Unfair or void dismissal, initiation of proceedings with the employment mediation centre and, where applicable, lodging claims against unfair or void dismissal and recovery of unpaid salaries. Cases of harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Disputed divorces, care and custody, division of property, modification of measures, alimony claims, etc.

Rents, evictions, non-payment of rent, termination of contracts, drafting of rental contracts, etc.

Rescission of contracts, rescission of contracts by court rulings and compensation for breach of contract or inadequate performance of obligations, etc.

Work defects, claims for defects in the construction of buildings or in the refurbishment of buildings and dwellings, etc.

Criminal proceedings and Misdemeanours, criminal proceedings for all types of crimes: fraud, misappropriation, damages, injuries, theft, driving offences, threats, etc.

Owners' associations, non-payment of owners' association fees, relations between the association and owners, etc.

Adversarial-Administrative Proceedings against the public administration


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