Fesgal is a law firm specialised in dealing with legal and extrajudicial matters in different fields of law. We also offer mediation services in family disputes.

The provision of our legal services is based on confidence and closeness to our clients, and total commitment to the defence of their interests.

Thanks to our experience, we are specialised in litigating before Courts to protect the interests of our clients. That is why we are experts in the different legal proceedings in different jurisdictions: Civil Law, Social Law, Criminal Law, Adversarial-Administrative Law and Mercantile Law. Before going to Court, we seek to reach an agreement that is satisfactory for our clients, in line with their instructions.
Our firm is made up of lawyers who have acquired a broad range of experience working in prestigious law firms in Barcelona, and we now offer our legal services with greater proximity and independence, and at more affordable rates.

We also work closely with first-class experts and professionals in different areas (doctors, architects, engineers, psychologists, etc.) whose reports and actions enable us to defend our clients' causes rigorously and truthfully
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